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Up with the birds at New Hall Vineyards

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We thought we would take advantage of the amazing weather recently by getting up at 3.30am to catch the sunrise. The reason was to get some amazing views of New Hall Vineyard in Purleigh, Chelmsford.

New Hall Vineyards has been growing vines and producing outstanding English wines since 1969. A family run business, it has over 100 acres of vines and is renowned in East Anglia for its award winning wines that have been produced by the Greenwood family for three generations.

Therefore, we thought it would be an excellent location to shoot some footage and we weren’t wrong! However, as beautiful as the sunrise was, this brings its own challenges by filming at this early time of the morning as the light was constantly changing. A lot of this can be combatted by using ND filters on the lens of the drone camera. This reduces the amount of light being let into the lens allowing you to still use the optimum shutter and frame speeds.

The end result came out well although we still needed to make some tweaks in post production! You can see a selection of photos and the video below.

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