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Our drones are going up but our prices are going down!

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Following on from our successful COVID-19 promotion, which we ran to help support local businesses and individuals during this difficult time, we have now decided to re-evaluate our prices across the board.

As a result, all of our packages are now better value than they have ever been offering something for everyone!

For people who just want a few high quality photos of their property or land, our Basic Photo Only Service is now just £129 + VAT. This includes a fast turnaround of images, normally on the same day.

If you’re carrying out a building inspection, you would benefit from our zoom functionality which allows us to get closer to the building whilst maintaining a safe operating distance. Plus, if you’re wanting to promote your business or maybe have a construction site and want to see progress, we can provide breathtaking 4K video. For both zoom and 4K video, our Standard Photo & 4K Video Service is now just £199 + VAT!

Drone videos by their nature are without sound because nobody wants to hear the “drone” of the propellers! However, that means they aren’t really suitable for use on your website or in promotional and marketing materials. That’s why we offer our Premium Photo & Video Editing package. It includes our Standard Photo & 4K Video Service but adds professional editing of your videos along with music. This can now be purchased for just £349 + VAT and we will try and turnaround the video within 3 – 5 working days wherever possible.

Finally, for companies who might use our services regularly, Estate Agents or construction companies for example, we can offer a reduced rate when you commit to taking multiple jobs from either our Basic or Standard packages. We can also offer retainer packages over 3, 6 or 12 months so please get in touch to discuss further.

A lot of companies don’t put their prices on their website because they want you to contact them to find out. We want to be transparent and upfront. Although prices may vary if your job is non-standard and requires additional permissions or measures to be put in place, we are proud to display our standard prices for all to see.

We truly believe we are the most competitive drone aerial photography company in Essex so we look forward to hearing from you.

Ready to get in touch?

As the use of drones is still very new, we have put together a short brochure that gives more detail about the process, which you can download from here. If you still have questions, we're happy to provide you with any advice or answers you need. However, if you know what you require and are ready to hire us, please drop us a line so we can discuss your project in further detail.

Due to the information we need in order to be able to supply a quote, contacting us via the form below is the best method of getting in touch but if you would like to call, our number is 07445 092821 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.