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Coronavirus and drones

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Coronavirus has touched nearly everyone’s lives in nearly every country. There has been no escaping from it. Whether it is from just having to stay or work from home, to not seeing your friends or family physically, changing your whole routine, it has changed everything – and potentially some aspects of our daily lives for ever.

I set up Essex Aerial Photography in the middle of this coronavirus pandemic. Although I have been operating with my PfCO for around 8 months now, I had used this time to establish my company whilst freelancing in my previous industry of TV and telecommunications. So, although not an ideal time to start a new business I am positive for the future.

The operation of a drone, by its nature, is operated under social distancing regulations. For safety reasons and to comply with the Civil Aviation Authority guidelines, bystanders are not allowed near the drone during take off and landing. In addition, all of my work is carried out solo. Therefore, drone operations are almost made for coronavirus!

Following on from the UK government relaxing the rules in England, and their encouragement for people who can’t work from home to return to work, Essex Aerial Photography is open for business.

Therefore, if you’re a small business that’s been affected by coronavirus but want to start getting back to normal and think we can offer value to your company, please get in touch. We are offering reduced rates until the end of June by giving 20% off all of our packages.

It’s at times like this that small businesses should come together and support each other. So even if you can’t use our services at the moment, please drop us a line regardless as we are happy to discuss your situation and to see if we can assist.

Stay safe.

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As the use of drones is still very new, we have put together a short brochure that gives more detail about the process, which you can download from here. If you still have questions, we're happy to provide you with any advice or answers you need. However, if you know what you require and are ready to hire us, please drop us a line so we can discuss your project in further detail.

Due to the information we need in order to be able to supply a quote, contacting us via the form below is the best method of getting in touch but if you would like to call, our number is 07445 092821 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.